Here are the basics you need to know in order to sell our bedding and the category in general. It's important to know your sizes, your shapes and your terms.

Duvet covers originated in Europe and serve as a protective covering for a down or polyfill comforter. As a rule, duvet covers are not pulled to the head of the mattress, they are left approximately 8'' from the top and leave pillows exposed.

With the increasing popularity of pillow top mattresses, there is no longer a single standard of measurement for duvet sizes. First, measure the depth of the mattress from the top of the mattress to the bottom of the mattress. Add the platform width ( 54” for Full, 60” for Queen, 78” for King, or 72” for Cal King) and twice the mattress depth measurement together and this will give you the best estimate of what width is needed for good coverage. Then select your duvet size.

Our Duvet Covers come in the following sizes:
Length x Width (Length measures head to toe, width is side to side)
Full/Queen 88'' L x 88'' W
Oversize Queen 90'' L x 95'' W
King 90'' L x 106'' W
Oversize King 96'' L x 110'' W

Please Note: All Duvet Covers Come Unstuffed. Down comforter inserts are available from Wildcat Territory. Please see the price list for details.

Bedcaps offer a modern and sophisticated alternative to a coverlet or duvet, and are ideal for platform style beds. Bedcaps are designed to cover the total top of the bed all the way to the head of the mattress, with fitted corners and a drop on three sides (not the head of the bed). The “drop” of the bedcap is measured from the top edge of the mattress down the side to the bottom of the mattress. The standard 'drop' for Wildcat bedcaps is 16”. Bedcaps are not meant to be stuffed.

Coverlets are another way to dress the bed, with the same clean styling of a bedcap but without the fitted corners. A coverlet hangs like a duvet cover at the corners, but is not stuffed with a comforter. Like bedcaps, coverlets are meant to be pulled up to the head of the bed. Sizes on coverlets vary by collection, please see the price list for details.

Wildcat Territory pillow shams and cases come in three regular sizes: Euro, Standard and King.
Euro 26'' x 26''
Standard 20'' x 27''
King 20'' x 37''

A sham covers the pillow with a back closure, usually an overlapping pocket or a zipper. A case is open at the side of the pillow and sometimes has tie or knot closures. Shams and cases are designed specifically for each collection, so please refer to the collection card or price list for details.

Please Note: All our shams and cases come unstuffed. Wildcat does offer inserts in all three sizes. See the price list for details.

We have created custom shapes and sizes for some of our collections. Below are the special pillow sizes we offer with the quantity and type of insert needed for each. Please note: all special shams come unstuffed.

Double: Regular pillow height but designed to run the width of the bed.
21x54 Double Full - use two king inserts in this shape.
21x58 Double Queen - use two king inserts in this shape.
21x76 Double King - use three king inserts in this shape.

Rectangular Box: Designed to lower the sham height using standard or king inserts.
14x21x4 Standard - use one standard insert
14x31x4 King - use one king insert
14x54x4 Double Queen Box - use three standard inserts in this shape
14x74x4 Double King Box - use four standard inserts or three king inserts

Regal: Regular eurosquare height but designed to run the width of the mattress.
26x54 Regal Queen - use three eurosquare inserts in this shape.
26x76 Regal King - use four eurosquare inserts in this shape.

Wildcat decorative pillows are designed specifically for each collection. All decorative pillows are shipped with a polyfill insert. Sizes vary by collection, please see the price list for details.

Emperor Bolster: Designed to run the width of the mattress.
All Emperor Bolsters prices include down inserts.
10x60 Emperor Bolster - Queen
10x76 Emperor Bolster - King

Bedskirts are always optional in all of Wildcat's collections, and are not included in the package. All of our bedskirts feature split corners with overlapping but separate panels of fabric on three sides allowing for posts. Bedskirts are often used to cover a boxspring so if your bed doesn't have an exposed box spring, you might not need a bedskirt. In addition, bedskirt measurements can vary sharply from bed to bed.

Be sure you know the “drop” of the Bedskirt you need (To determine the drop- measure from the top of the box spring to the floor.) Wildcat's standard drop is 16" but some of our collections have bedskirts that are longer. Please see your collection notes or price list for exact measurements. We offer custom drops up to 20” for an additional charge of 30%. Any request over 20” must be priced separately. To insure color matching, please order the bedskirt at the same time as ordering other bedding products.